Social Media Management

Here are some of the social media accounts I’ve managed.

Examples from the social media posts and social media ad campaigns

SEO Content Creation

Here are some of my works on SEO content creation.

The results of the 5 SEO targeted blog posts (Yeni Binyıl Driving Course)

The results of the 15 SEO targeted blog posts (Dil Öğretmenim)

Video Edit & Production

Website Services

Dil Öğretmenim (My Language Teacher) Website
A listing website where teachers can post about their tutoring services. Students can choose their teacher based on category, price and location. Afterwards, they can send messages on the site to their teacher.

Playstation Denizli Website
Website for a Playstation Renting service that featured information about the prices of the consoles per day and per week.

Yeni Binyıl Website
Website for Yeni Binyıl Driving Course which is based in Ankara/Turkey.

AnkaraYou Events Website
This was a website that featured Ankara’s top and upcoming concerts, cinema and theatre events.


Here are some of my works on Turkish to English and English to Turkish translations.


Testimonials from my clients on Upwork

Note: For some of the companies listed here, I do not currently work as their consultant. Accounts and websites might have changed over time.