We are living in a time where a single jpeg file can be valued as high as 69 million dollars and a single virus can change the lives of billions. The word “unprecedented” has become something normal because of coronavirus. In an age like this, if you want your brand not only to survive but also to thrive, the digital world must become a part of your brand.


What is the digital world?

What we are talking about here is not just starting an Instagram profile, albeit that’s also important. What we are talking about is creating a digital identity for your company. Platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, and many others are the channels that allow us to do this. Creating your digital identity on these platforms will enable you to reach your customers and clients even though they are laying on their beds. If you have an e-commerce website or an online Amazon store, your customers won’t even have to get up from their bed to buy something from your store.


Our smartphones and smart gadgets are becoming more involved in our lives more and more. From a philosophical perspective, this might create an interesting world for the future. However, debating on how much our smart gadgets should be in our lives won’t change the fact. That fact is, the brick-and-mortar is being consumed by everything digital and while you might be having concerns about it, your competitors are getting one step further.


How to be a part of the digital world

“Digital world” might sound scary and futuristic. However, its foundations lay in the real world. So, let’s try to understand it by an example.

If you wanted to open up a store in the normal world, here are some most basic things you would need to do:

–       Rent a place for your store

–       Decorate your store to give the best experience

–       Hire people to offer your services to your customers

–       Attract customers with nice fliers, brochures, and maybe posters.


The list goes on but you got the point. Now, let’s look at what these mean for the digital counterpart.

For your customers to find you online, you need to rent a “place”. For this, you need to determine the most ideal platform. Having a website doesn’t hurt. However, you need more than that. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts can help you find new customers as well. Why not open those accounts as well?

Secondly, decorating your store is important. When your customers get into your store, they surely will like to see a nice place. Depending on your brand’s identity, you can polish your website and social media accounts to give your customers the best experience.

Hire people to offer your services. How can you apply this to the digital world? Maintaining your digital brand is not an easy task for one person. If you are serious about going digital, you should consider hiring graphic designers, social media managers, or a digital agency to help your brand to achieve its potential.

Attracting customers is an easy one. Sharing a few photos will not suffice. Using ad platforms like Facebook Ads and Google Ads, you can target your audience and advertise.

On a final note, these are important steps for your brand to take. However, if you want to position your brand as not just as a “store”, keeping up with the latest trends will also be important. Your website, your social media accounts, or maybe your NFTs might help your customers identify themselves with the brand.

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